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The Percheron Breeders Society of South Africa

The Percheron Breeders Society of South Africa

The Percheron Breeders Society of South Africa is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Percheron Horse in South Africa.

Our primary objectives are:

  1. To promote and encourage the breeding and genetic improvement of Percherons in the Territories, to maintain the purity of the Percheron breed, and generally to foster its interests;
  2. To ensure the accuracy of all records of pedigrees, performance and other particulars of all Percherons registered or eligible for registration in the StudBook;
  3. To apply a "Standard of Excellence" and other minimum standards drawn up by Council as a prerequisite for the registration of Percherons;
  4. To encourage the expansion of the Percheron breed by means of promotion, marketing campaigns and sales;
  5. To promote participation of Percherons at shows; to nominate judges who have been approved by Council as qualified and competent to judge the breed; and to encourage agricultural show societies to appoint only judges certified as such by Council;
  6. To safeguard and advance the common interests of stud breeders in the Territory, and generally to give effect to the objectives contemplated by the Act;
  7. To stimulate and regulate any and all other matters such as may pertain to the history, breeding, exhibition, publicity, sale or improvement of the Percheron breed.

Download our complete Constitution and other documents below.

# Name Description
1. Fee Structure Download our Fee Structure for 2019 in PDF Format
2. Application for Inspection Download our Application for Inspection in PDF format
3. Constitution Download our Constitution Document in PDF Format
4. DNA Testing Forms Unistel forms requesting DNA testing
5. Member Application Download our Member Application Form in Word Format
6. Member List Download our latest list of members in Word format
7. Service Certificate 2018 Download our Service Certificate
8. Show Rules Dowload the Percheron SA Show Rules in PDF format
  Left click the document name to view the document or Right click the document name and Select Save Target as... to download the document to your computer.


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